Guided tour, by walking and with private transportation, with a local guide, to the main tourist attractions of the medina and the entire city

Duration 8 hours approx
Start at 9 am at your Marrakech accommodation
Ends at your Marrakech accommodation


Daily departures

This private guided tour includes transportation and the visits are made by foot, accompanied with a local city guide that speaks your language.


Meeting with the local guide and accompanying driver at your hotel or riad at 9 am


The guided tour includes the visit of:

LA KOUTOUBIA, one of the wonders of Almohad art that is located in the center of the city, where formerly there was a stone palace called “Ksar AL HAJJAR”.

PALACIO BAHÍA built in the s. XIX as the residence of the Sultan. Bahia means bright, in fact in the XIX century the Moroccans thought they had built the greatest palace of all time. To get there, we will cross the flea market of the Kasbah, the Jewish Quarter (El malah), the Souk of the Species and the Badia Square.

LAS TUMBAS SAADÍES, one of the most visited places in Marrakech. These tombs date from the end of the 16th century and are located in a closed garden that is accessed through a small hallway. After the entrance, we find mausoleums of great beauty, decorated with mosaics, and different tombs that keep the remains of buried sultans, warriors and servants of the Saadí dynasty.

On this tour, we will enter the ZOCO and we will also visit the BEN YOUSSEF MADRAZA, built in the 16th century and one of the most important Koranic schools. In it, her students lived in austere cells while they finished their religious studies. The most beautiful part of the visit is its inner courtyard with its architecture and mosaics, in harmony with the central pond used to perform the ablutions before the prayer. Here visitors will find extreme tranquility, after having passed through the hustle and bustle of the streets of the Medina.

GARDEN MAJORELLE, this garden was built by the painter Jacques Majorelle and was created as he would create a work of art. As a curiosity, today we speak frequently of the color “bleu Majorelle” in honor of the blue used in the walls and in some details of the garden. In the 80s the mythical designer Yves Saint-Laurent acquired it and increased the amount of plant species to more than 300. It became his favorite corner, and the place where he wanted is ashes to be scattered between bamboos and water lilies.

GARDEN OF MENARA, the mirror of Paradise on earth.

A pond of 200 by 150 meters full with water from the Atlas Mountains, that are also the backdrop of this garden.

The famous pavilion or minzah was the place used by Sultan Sidi Mohammed for his love dates and there is a legend that says that every dawn, after his intense nights of love, he threw his concubines into the pond. Truth or legend the place has an undeniable charm that increases with each sunset. The pavilion and the artificial pond are surrounded by orchards and olive groves.

And finally, the DJEMAA EL FNA PLAZA, which is the central square of Marrakech and the most important place in the medina. Is the center of the public life of Marrakech during the day and night. The best thing about DJemaa el Fna Square is the transformation that is going on during the day.


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