All our rates are adjusted to the quality level of our services and we do not have the custom to modify them or negotiate prices.

The price per person is adjusted according to the total number of participants, total days available, type and total number of transport vehicles, itinerary, category of accommodation chosen, services included and season.

For people traveling alone or wishing to stay in a single room it is necessary to apply the corresponding supplement.



Once the agreement and formal confirmation of the reservation are closed, you understand and accept all conditions and budget of the booked services.



To formalise a reservation, it is necessary to make an initial payment as a guarantee for both parties according to the contracted services will be carried out.

Once this payment has been made and confirmed the reservation request will be made at: the planned accommodations, the reservation of transport and the accompanying guide in the contracted language.

After having all the confirmations, we will give you the reservation documentation with the itinerary and planned accommodation.

You should be aware that the process can take several days, especially in periods with a high demand for reservations, in any case, before your arrival you will have the documentation with your specific reservation.

If necessary, you will be informed, prior to your arrival, of any urgent changes due to the lack of availability of rooms in previous accommodations. In this way, it will be possible to change the reservation in other accommodations with similar characteristics and services, avoiding misunderstandings and without surprises.

The remaining amount of the payment can be made 20 days before your arrival in Morocco or once you arrive in Morocco.



If you need to make any change or modification to your reservation, contact us as soon as possible and request your change or modification in writing so that we can offer you an alternative.
No significant changes or modifications may be made that affect the accommodation and itinerary reservations after the previous 20 days before the trip, or during the trip.



If due to justified unforeseen circumstances or reasons you need to cancel the contracted services and your trip, please notify us in writing as soon as possible.

If you cancel more than 30 days before the planned start date of the trip, the full amount of the reservation is kept for 6 months so you can plan your trip again at another time. If the trip cannot be made within 6 months from the date of cancellation, the amount of the reservation has no refund.

If you cancel less than 15 days before the planned start date of the trip, there is no refund of the amount of the reservation, and the all the costs of the entire trip must be charge.

If you have hired personal travel insurance on your own that includes cancellation fees, in this case will be your insurance agency who is responsible for making the reimbursement.



Any special need or requirement must be informed prior to the trip and in writing so that we can make sure to provide a safe experience, for example, if you need some kind of special food, if you suffer from any type of allergy, if you need assistance or a special requirement for a person with reduced mobility, etc.

It is the traveler’s responsibility to provide all important information so that we can provide everything possible to satisfy the requests.



Our agency has its own insurance, but in any type of trip, whatever the destination is, it is advisable to hire a personal travel insurance in your country of origin, either through an insurance agency or through your airline company.

Travel insurance is not mandatory but is always recommended, and it is the responsibility of the traveler to acquire appropriate travel insurance that covers, for example, in case of illness or accident, medical expenses, cancellation of the trip due to an unforeseen event, loss or theft of luggage, delay or loss of flight, etc.



It is the traveler’s responsibility to have the valid and required documentation for the trip.

Citizens with a European Union passport only need their valid passport (valid for 6 months to enter and leave Morocco).

If you do not have a European Union passport please make sure you have the necessary requirements and documentation to travel to Morocco by contacting the Moroccan Embassy or Consulate in your country of origin.

If you need to apply for a visa to travel to Morocco, we can provide you with all the necessary documentation so you can submit your application. Make sure you do it with enough time in advance of the planned date of travel.



In SAHATOURS we are totally committed to the security of your personal data.
This website does not collect personal data from users without their knowledge and does not transfer it to third parties. The personal data that could be collected directly from the interested party is treated confidentially.
Your data is only and exclusively used to formalize the reservation.
Your nutritional information or special requirements will only be shared with our Suppliers strictly necessary to guarantee you a safe trip.
By making the reservation with us, you accept and understand that this information must be transmitted to all relevant people.
The personal data provided are only kept for the time necessary to fulfil the purpose for which they are collected.