Village of the Atlantic coast land of sailors with a bohemian atmosphere

Duration 1-DAY
Start at 8 am at your Marrakech accommodation
Ends at your accommodation in Marrakech


Daily departures

Essaouira, port city of the Atlantic coast, called Amogdul (the well-kept) in the Berber language, probably for being so well protected thanks to its long walls.

Essaouira has an exotic and at the same time familiar look, accompanied by the incessant squawks of the seagulls that fly over the city. At first it may seem that you are in a city of French Brittany, however, once you cross its walls it is an infinitely Moroccan city.

Its medina is a UNESCO world heritage site. Walking through its endless white streets transports you to another time in a scenario where nothing has changed. Strolling around we find the old Portuguese canyons aligned on battery in front of the Atlantic Ocean. Its walls protected the troops of Sultan Sidi Mohamed Ben Abadía and later Orson Welles used them as a stage to shoot his movie “Othello”.

Do not forget to visit its old port known for its abundant sardine fishing. The predominant color of this port is blue, since according to experts and fishermen, sardines are best tricked and that facilitates their capture. and thus, improve the catch of the day. Apart from that utility that they give to the blue color, it should be noted that this color gives this landscape a very relaxing and spiritual aspect.

Essaouira, moreover, consolidating itself as an important point to practice sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing or kayaking.


Meeting with the guide and/or accompanying driver in your hotel/riad at 8 am.

During the trip you will stop to visit the protected area of Argan tree cultivation and as an optional stop you can visit a cooperative of women who work different products from the fruit of this tree such as the valued argan oil.

Free visit and at your own pace of about 5 hours in the city.

Return to Marrakech at the place and time agreed with the accompanying guide.

The exact time of arrival in Marrakech is not possible to define, but it will be in the afternoon, depending on the time spent on visits, rest stops, time go to the bathroom, to eat, to take pictures … and the traffic on the road. The priority is the safety on the road, so putting an arrival time can be stressing to the driver.


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