The Sahara Desert is a place that attracts and fascinates any traveler who wishes to have a unique experience in the middle of nature.

In your visit is always advisable to include it so that your trip to Morocco becomes a true adventure and discovery. Although its landscape is arid and desert, its beauty and incomparable views will make you feel many emotions that cannot be expressed with words.  Until you saw it.

The two most visited areas of the Sahara Desert in Morocco are Merzouga and Zagora.

The Zagora desert can be considered the most arid zone, but with fewer dunes. It is usually the ideal place to go if there is little time, since it is closest to Marrakech, and it only requires to have a minimum of two days from this city.

In the desert of Merzouga you will find the dunes of Erg Chebbi, the tallest and most famous golden dunes of the entire Moroccan desert. Your visit will allow you to explore the interesting Route of the Thousand Kasbahs and the possibility of discovering Berber populations like Rissani and its traditional market, and Erfoud, considered the starting point for all the expeditions that go to the desert.

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Traveling in the desert involves mystery, adventure and discovery.

Its nature, the wisdom of its people, its hospitality and its gastronomy offers an incomparable way to enjoy a different vacation.

With the routes we propose you will have the opportunity to try and to experience the magic of the desert in the first person.

Merzouga is a small Berber village, south of the Berber Sahara, located at the bottom of the dunes of Erg Chebbi, and in recent years it has become one of the top destinations throughout northern Saharan Africa.

The Erg Chebbi Dunes are located a few kilometers from the border with Algeria and have a special and unique energy.

A trip to Morocco without visiting Erg Chebbi is somewhat incomplete. The largest dune of Erg Chebbi has 250 m. high and its red sand provides one of the most fantastic landscapes in all Africa.

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The Rissani region is made up of a group of villages along the last stretch of the Ziz Valley.

Rissani was the ancient capital of Tafilalt (later known as Sijilmassa), the holy city and cradle of the Alawite dynasty. Its situation as a crossroads between the north and the south gave the city some importance in the past. Still today there are remains of that greatness.

This town gives us the impression of being a beautiful and quiet place, which is only animated on market days.

Souks abound in the city, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

We must highlight the Kasbah de Bou Am and its lively souk, where you can find the cherished dates Majhoul del Tafilalet, the handicrafts of the region, with the jewels of the south, rustic objects, embroidered scarves Jaiques, blankets, carpets and a variety of fossils.

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Located in the valley of the Ziz River, in the palm grove of Tafilalet, 80 km from the regional capital Errachidía, Erfoud is a small modern city and the administrative center of the area.

Erfoud has an important souk and market, next to the central square and near the river, that is the nerve center of the town.

In the nearby mountains abound aromatic and medicinal plants that we can find in traditional herbalists and which are widely used in the flavoring of local cuisine.

Do not forget the magnificent dates.

As usual in Morocco, many of the more traditional festivals have to do with harvesting. On this occasion, in October the celebration of the harvest of dates takes place, a very exquisite Moroccan product.

During the celebrations of this Festival, the city of Erfoud becomes the capital to where locals from other municipalities arrive but also where large number of tourists come willing to contemplate the dances and listen to the folk music in honor of the small and sweet fruits.

Fossil Land

The main fossil deposits are located 13 km from the city, in the direction of Merzouga.

We can also find them in the local market and mostly date from the primary era, when the area was under the sea.

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Zagora is a quiet city of about 30,000 inhabitants that is located next to the Draa and whose activity revolves around a main street, since it has never been so populated as to have another type of urban structure.

It is located south east of Morocco, a few tens of kilometers west of the border with Algeria. This city is a good place for all that want to continue their journey through southern lands.

Zagora has the reputation of being the hottest city in all of Morocco, its vegetation is relegated to only some small green areas and some isolated palm trees.

Zagora is a stop point in the caravan route. It is located at the door of the Sahara Desert, a place of reflection and deserved rest.